Michelle CV 2019.jpg

The Artist

I was born and raised in South Africa. At a young age I was inspired by an art instructor who very quickly encouraged me to pursue more focused art education at a dedicated art school, Hugo Naude Art School in Worcester, South Africa. I studied there for five years until the age of seventeen.  My art still hangs in the alumni halls.

After completing a bachelor degree in graphic design from Cape Peninsula University of Technology, I traveled the world engaging artists and curators generating a renewed passion for portraiture.   Thereafter I completed 2 internships, each 6 weeks long in Augsburg Germany at Weltbild magazine and Top Hair Magazine.

In  2011 I moved to the United states where I began working for Lin Swensson and Associates in Nashville, I worked directly with the Ceo, Lin and helped source local artists for New hospitals being built across the US. The company's main objective was to promote healing through art therapy.  Working closely with architects and interior designers to find the perfect piece to suit each area in the hospital. After 4 years I decided to practice portraiture full time.

Most of my years spent studying were focused on portraiture, as expressed through realism. As an artistic discipline, it has been a constant throughout my life.  But it was only after a fortuitous departure into abstract painting that I was able to playfully and courageously combine two disciplines.  Deconstructed Realism is my expression of artistic independence and creativity as it pertains to the depth and complexity of human portraiture.