Genuine Fine Art Canvas option is custom printed at an ultra-high apparent resolution of 1800 dpi using High-End Fine Art Canon Lucia archival pigmented inks.
Each canvas print is sprayed with a protective UV coating to increase it's longevity when displayed.

High-End Fine Art Baryta Rag Paper Print option is printed on Hahnemühle watercolor rag paper using Canon Lucia archival pigmented inks.

  • Printed with an ultra-high apparent resolution of 1800 dpi.
  • Hand Signed direct from Michelle's studio in Boulder Colorado.
  • All prints will be carefully shipped fully insured in a heavy duty postal tube.

'Vampire' was inspired by the tale of Prince Lan Ling.

‘Prince of Lan Ling’ - a Chinese television series that is set during the lifetime of the Northern Qi Dynasty prince Gao Changgong.

The real king of Lan Ling in history was named Gao Changgong. 

He was the fourth prince of Gaocheng, Emperor Wenxiang of the Northern Qi Dynasty during the Northern and Southern Dynasties period.

Crowned with the title“Beautiful God of War", the Prince of Lan Ling is an undefeatable and strong general, who possesses both strength and intelligence.
As a prince of royal blood, he treats everyone equally, regardless of their rank and background. He fights battles, seeing them each as a step towards world peace. 

My representation of Prince Lan Ling is altered into vampire form. 

He imbues the polished elegance often depicted in modern vampires and so this is what he became.


VAMPIRE - The Slow Drip of Time

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