Realism & Concept

Welcome to my expressive art website.

My heart and soul are splashed all across this screen for your enjoyment. 

From portraiture to abstracts, my style is very unique and ever expanding.

Currently, I am on a path of self discovery in the combined fields of abstraction and portraiture. 

Every piece of art is carefully and meticulously created with the focus on emotion. 

Every brush stroke is carefully considered.

I adore turning the ordinary into fantasy using both my artist and graphic design background.

Each piece is unique.

Yiqing yin
"Neon Dreams"
Senait by Michelle Kohler
Amanda Seyfried
Joaquin Phoenix
Elon Musk
"The girl by night"
"Dalai Lama"
Heather Divine
Pauciloquy Stance
Beautiful Soul (2).jpg
Snow Queen
Kirk Douglas
Ginger girl

© 2009 by Michelle Kohler Art. 

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